Flying sub
from voyage to the bottom of the sea

This will actually be the second buildup that I will have completed for the excellent Moebius Flying Sub kit in 1/32 scale. The first was really my first foray into RC'ing a model like this, and it used a pair of water pumps for propulsion and external dive planes for pitch control. It also featured a full HD video camera and high-intensity LED lights. If you want to take a look at that project, you can see it on my YouTube Channel here. 

This project is similar in scope and will feature: 

  • LED lighting

  • HD video camera

  • Twin water pump propulsion

  • Watertight cylinder

  • Vectored thrust for pitch control

It will also be the test bed for a complete conversion kit that I hope to offer for this kit that will allow builders to (more) easily convert this plastic kit to full RC operation.

This build is slated to commence October 2022.