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This section of my site is dedicated to showcasing the work of my customers, friends and associates. The work carried out may or may not have been carried out by me in whole or part. I'll try to ensure that adequate description is included with each entry. 

If you have a submarine that you'd like to see featured here, please ensure that A) you are a past customer of the Nautilus Drydocks, and B) you email me no more than 9 medium-resolution photos along with a description of your project along with any unique techniques or background on the boat. 


is the creation of Mr. Martin Helcoop, a scratchbuilt project depicting a fictional steampunk-esque submarine in the shape of a pike fish. The boat was constructed from plastic medium and measures about 40 inches long. It is still a work-in-progress, but will eventually be a fully functioning RC submarine with static diving capabilities. 

The STEAMPUNK PIKE - Evolution

is yet another creation of Mr. Martin Helcoop, what he envisioned as being the evolution of the original Steampunk Pike boat above. This boat is constructed of plastic sheet and was designed as a practical surface-running boat. The idea of making it functional was scrapped due to some technical challenges, but the boat remains a fascinating and terrifying design.

The SS James Cameron

Here is the summary of this superb submarine from the builder: 


I know this doesnt quite fit the criteria you listed for customer builds but I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your work. I've been wanting to build a sub for about since I was about 12 but only recently have got the money to back up a project like that. I learned a lot from your videos and used a lot of the tips you give on building the WTC and laying things out. They are a huge help.


I am an Aerospace Engineer and had a lot of experience with CAD so I decided to sketch up a model sub and 4 months later I just had my first cruise this week in the pool. I custom built a WTC using 3d printed parts and I actually went with a brushless motor setup to allow the motor to be outside the WTC so the only things penetrating the bulkhead are wires. It has a full static dive system and rudder and dive planes for full function. The remote keyfob allows it to be assembled and idle for long periods and a failsafe system I built using arduino drains the ballast if the sub loses signal to the radio.


I just wanted to let you know your videos are a huge help and I finally got to make something I've wanted for so long come to life. 


Cheers from Central FL,



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