2" Diameter EasyDriver - Dual Shaft
  • 2" Diameter EasyDriver - Dual Shaft

    This Easy Sub-driver (SD) when outfitted  with the appropriate devices, is specifically designed to power and control any one of the many two-screw propelled intermediate sized  GRP and plastic model r/c submarine kits currently available through the normal retail and auction sites.


    Of the 'dynamic' type, this SD does not incorporate a ballast sub-system -- meaning that the model submarine has to be trimmed heavy -- when floating dead in the water, only a portion of the models sail will project into the air. The models depth is controlled dynamically; the forward motion of the model submarine through the water, and the angle it is commanded to assume to the water flow, dictates the rate at which the submarine will dive or rise.


    This Sub-driver, being a removable system, can be employed in any number of model submarine hulls -- an economy not shared by models constructed with the devices fixed within the models hull.


    Two shaft model submarines can be operated with this Sub-driver: Two counter-rotating shafts -- each coupled to its respective 280 size, 7.4-volt motor,  produces plenty of torque. For those wishing to employ this SD aboard the SEAVIEW, equipped with our pump-jets , you will have to re-wire the motors so they both turn in the same direction.


    An antenna extension kit and instruction pamphlet is provided to permit submerged operation of the model when using a 2.4gHz r/c system.


    2" Two-Motor EZ Sub-driver Specifications


    • one 12" long, 2" diameter, 1/16" wall thick, Lexan SD cylinder
    • Two spark-suppressed, installed and tested, 7.4-volt, brushed 280 size motors, wired for counter-rotation
    • cylinder is sized to accommodate as many as two 1300Ah Lithium-polymer batteries wired in parallel
    • the system  is equipped with three tested control surface servos each made up to a pushrod
    • an electronic speed controller (ESC) is installed, made up to the motors and tested
    • suitable for twin-shaft model submarines  of intermediate size
    • Additional Components Required

       two, 7.4-volt, 1300Ah (or smaller) Lithium-polymer batteries
       battery charger
       FM or spread-spectrum (2.4gHz) r/c system
       BLM - Battery Link Monitor
       AD2 (angle-keeper)
       1/4" toggle-switch and watertight boot or magnetic switch
       set of 'Deans' type connectors



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