SubDriver - 2" OD - Dual shaft - 15.25" length
  • SubDriver - 2" OD - Dual shaft - 15.25" length

    The Type VII Sub-driver (SD) comes with the propulsion sub-system tested and the ESC dialed in for proper response; the SNORT ballast sub-system tested for correct operation; all installed servos tested for unbinding travel of their respective pushrods; and the entire system leak tested to insure system watertight integrity. 


    Sub-Driver Specifications

    • 2" outside diameter X 15.25" long,
    • Ballast Tank - 5.375"
    • Battery Comp. - 3.125"
    • Aft Dry Space - 5.625"
    • 1/16" wall thickness length of clear Lexan cylinder with installed ballast bulkheads.
    • LPB/Snort Pump with attached MPC (Mini Pump Controller)
    • Plumbing hoses and manifolds
    • Snorkel head-valve and safety float-valve all hooked up and tested
    • Two 6-volt, direct-drive suppressed brushed motors with watertight shaft seals
    • Installed Mtroniks ESC,(Electronic Speed Controller) 
    • Four installed mini servos with pushrods passing through pushrod watertight seals.

    Ballast Sub-System Enhancement
    The SNORT ballast sub-system will ensure reliable and safe operation of your ballast system. Air is drawn from surface to displace water in the ballast tank. Ballasting the boat slightly positively ensures that the model will always return to surface in case of any issues. These SubDrivers come configured for SNORT operation and include the emergency gas backup system. 


    Full static diving requires the addition of the safety float valve and snorkel intake valve, available at additional cost. This configuration allows full static diving (no forward movement required), but this is not recommended. 



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