3.5" OD - Dual Motor-Dual shaft - 33" length - Variable ballast version
  • 3.5" OD - Dual Motor-Dual shaft - 33" length - Variable ballast version

    The 3.5" SuperSubdriver (SSD) comes with the propulsion sub-system installed tested; the SAS and gas ballast sub-systems tested for correct operation; and the entire system leak tested to insure system watertight integrity.


    Ballast operation sees the use of compressed gas to bring the boat to positive buoyancy, and then an air pump to bring the boat up to surfaced trim. This saves on compressed gas use and allows for emergency recovery under any conditions. 


    3.5" SuperSubDriver Specifications:

    • Lexan, 3.5" outside diameter X 33" long, 1/8" wall thickness, SD cylinder
    • Ballast water weight - up to 118 ounces (max size is 26" long by 3.25" ID).
    • LPB/Snort Pump with attached MPC (Mini Pump Controller) installed
    • Assembled Snorkel head-valve provided and ready for installation 
    • The two, 12-volt, 3:1 geared, spark-suppressed, brushed motors installed
    • One ballast sub-system mini servo installed


    NOTE: For large ballast tanks, it is highly recommended to fabricate and install internal baffles to reduce water movement in the tank during operation. 

    • Additional Recommended Components Required

      Many of these components are available here at the Nautilus Drydocks. For other components, check your local hobby stores or send us a message.

      Recommended Components: 

      • one,  11.1-volt, 3200mAh battery and charger
      • one, 6-8 channel FM r/c system (2.4gHz systems are not suitable for in-water use)
      • one, Lipo-Guard
      • one, Y-type servo lead
      • one, AD2 (angle-keeper)
      • one, ESC
      • one, high-capacity BEC
      • four servos
      • one, 1/2", 20-Ampere toggle-switch and watertight boot


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