Control Yokes
  • Control Yokes

    Make your linkage connections with ease with the new Nautilus Drydocks Control Yoke kit.


    These units are designed to link control surfaces such as rudders and dive planes around your main drive shaft, allowing control of both surfaces from a single linkage rod connection.

    Most control yokes are made from brass or white metal, requiring precise alignment of the control surface shafts. Incorrect alignment results in binding and restricted movement. Our nylon control yokes have a small degree of flexion in the connecting shaft, which can alleviate misalignment issues, resulting in smoother operation. 


    Each order consists of FOUR control yokes, created from high-strength sintered nylon. The plastic parts are designed to accept standard 1/8" plated wheel collars (included). Each horn is slotted so that you can choose which side to have the set screw facing, offering maximum versatility for installation.


    • 1/8" control horns are approximately 14mm from center of shaft to outermost hole

    To use, simply rough up the outside face of the collars with coarse sandpaper and adhere in place with a drop of 2-part epoxy. Slip the control surface shafts into the collars and tighten the set screw, locking the control surface in place. 




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