Disney Nautilus Salon Starter Kit in 1:77 scale
  • Disney Nautilus Salon Starter Kit in 1:77 scale


    For instructions and reference on our Salon Starter Kit for the 1:77 Nautilus model, please click here.

    Download a PDF of Nautilus salon carpets and artwork you can print out here


    It's finally here, a beautifully detailed interior salon for our 31" Disney Nautilus!


    The master patterns for this kit were scaled from the amazing 3D files and master patterns from our previous 1:32 scale Nautilus, complete in movie-accurate detail and ready to bring your model to life.


    This kit includes the following: 


    -Open salon window castings

    -Main salon floor with sunken setee pits

    -Three-piece forward bulkhead wall

    -Writing desk



    -Fountain body (legs will require scratch-building on behalf of the builder)

    -Rear bulkhead wall (organ)

    -Specimen table body in clear resin

    -Specimen table legs

    -Specimen table upper shelf

    -Overhead gauge

    -Five bulkhead doors (builder chooses to display open or closed)


    -Four teardrop couches

    -Pipe organ body

    -Pipe organ bench

    -Pipe organ pipe assembly

    -Two curved setee couches

    -Two ballast tube assemblies


    Please note that this kit is not suitable (yet) for standalone display as no side walls or window bezels are included. The builder will be required to cut plastic sheeting for wall areas to mount the bookshelves and other details to.

    • Buildup Tips and Info

      Thank you for your purchase of the 1:77 scale Disney Nautilus salon starter kit from the Nautilus Drydocks.


      While this kit is quite extensive, there are things that you as the builder will need to fabricate in order to complete the salon area in your model, namely the walls and surround for the large salon window area. These can be fabricated from styrene sheet, balsa wood, or even stiff cardboard paper. Extra details that you’ll see in the reference photos for the salon area such as chests, vases and artwork will also need to be fabricated by you if you so desire to display them in your buildup.


      As it is, this starter kit is, as it is titled, a kit that will get your buildup of the salon started with all of the major features of the salon that make it such an iconic setting in the film.


      As a tip, be sure to note that the installation of this kit in our fantastic 1:77 scale Disney Nautilus model will restrict visibility into the salon considerably. While it may be wonderful to flesh out this area fully, bear in mind that the only areas really visible when viewing into the submarine, even from a very close distance, are the setee pit, specimen table area and the teardrop couches. It is advisable to focus your modeling efforts on these areas as they will be of the greatest impact to your build.

      Please feel free to use the supplied reference photos to help place your parts in the correct spot. Note that the fountain goes in the forward area of the boat, and the organ in the rear. You’ll see that the floor fits perfectly in the hull’s lower half if installed correctly, and will not sit properly flush if installed the wrong way around.


      Thank you, again, for your purchase, and have fun with your build!



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