Emergency Gas Backup system for all SubDriver units.

Emergency Gas Backup system for all SubDriver units.

The gas ballast blow device (GBB) is specifically designed to be retrofitted to our line of statically diving SubDrivers (SD).

The GBB enhances the performance of the ballast sub-system by providing a second (back-up) means of emptying the ballast tank in an emergency situation. The device is not intended to be a primary means of ballast water ejection when employed aboard our line SD’s as the provided bottle is of small size – this to minimize the loss of floodable volume within the ballast tank as a result of its inclusion.

The GBB provides the means to contain and release, via your r/c command – or that of the on board fail-safe device -- a quantity of gaseous propellant into the ballast tank to blow the ballast tank dry, surfacing your r/c model submarine. Though intended as an emergency back-up to a primary means of ballast water discharge, the device has utility as the prime means of discharging ballast water in systems employing relatively small ballast tanks.

Caution – only use ‘air-brush propellant’ to charge the device, typically a mixture of methane-butane, that assumes a liquid state when at a pressure greater than 70-psi at room temperature.

A full charge of typical air-brush propellant within the propel bottle will displace approximately 25 ounces of water at one-atmosphere. If, for example, the ballast tank holds 15 ounces of water, it would be reasonable to expect only two complete blows from this device. Of course, a larger propellant bottle will provide a correspondingly larger number of blows per charge.



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