Fully RTR OTW R-Class Submarine
  • Fully RTR OTW R-Class Submarine

    About the R-Class


    The world’s first Hunter Killer submarine, the ‘R Class’ had a 22-man crew (2 officers and 20 ratings) and was 163 feet long, by 16 ft (beam) and had a displacement of 420 tons. It had 6 x 18 inch torpedo tubes later replaced by 6 X 21 inch torpedoes tubes, an 8 cylinder engine with 480 HP and 2 electric motors (1200 HP) and could reach speeds of 9.5 knots on the surface and 15 submerged. The R class group of submarines were the fastest commissioned boats until the later days of WWII (1944) when the German Type 21 was commissioned –  not bad for a small WWI Submarine! The submarine was first laid down by Vickers on the Tyne on December 1917, commissioned in 1918 and scrapped in 1929.


    About the Model:

    This kit was assembled by Steve Neill, a talented builder out of California.  You can view a complete log of the buildup of this model on his channel here

    This model is completely finished, tested, trimmed and ready for the pond. It is powered by a 110mm OTW dive module, outfitted with an internal 3300mAh LiPo battery pack. 

    Additional features include full remote on/off functionality and LED lighting. It has had the linkages completely reworked and is in prime fighting trim!


    This boat recently had its debut at the SUBFEST event in Georgia and performed flawlessly. A complete overview video can be viewed here:

    R_Class Submarine Overview



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