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  • German Type VII in 1:48 scale - Trumpter

    An excerpt from my full review, which you can view here:


    "Like the Arkmodel version, the Trumpeter kit is a wonderful scale, putting it at about 55" in length. In my mind, this is about the perfect scale for a fleet boat like this, big enough to install very functional practical RC components, and small enough to fit in most vehicles without needing to rent a trailer to haul it. 


    Having said that, gutting this particular boat to install running gear is darned near a tragedy as it offers, unlike any of its competition, a fully detailed interior. When I say detailed, I mean detailed.

     The entire starboard side of the boat has been rendered in crystal-clear plastic, offering a clean and unobstructed view of the entire interior of the submarine. Every nook and cranny has been rendered in exceptional detail and the kit includes a full crew compliment of 35 figures, sculpted specifically to fill each of the main compartments of the boat. While 35 would be a light crew for a boat of this era (most uboats ran with between 44 and 52 crew), it still helps to illustrate just how cramped it was living on a fleet boat of this time. 


    The details in the hull are exquisite and the model is highly detailed. Fitment looks to be excellent based on my first impressions. The instructions are very clear and concise, and the kit includes an entire supplemental document dedicated to detailing out and painting the interior and exterior for proper realism."


    View the video review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PDKi7ML8Us


    Overall length: 55"

    Beam: 4.3"

    Our 2.5" Gato SubDriver is a great match to this boat. 

      $499.00 Regular Price
      $299.00Sale Price