Magnetic Mission Switch - 10A

Magnetic Mission Switch - 10A


• Switches system power ON and OFF using a magnet, acts as a solid-state switch between Input+ and Output+ connections

• May be installed inside a sealed WTC with no additional perforations required in bulkheads.

• Provides over-current “circuit-breaker” protection for batteries/wires – No more fuses necessary!

• Operating voltage range: 4V to 24V. (eg 2S – 5S LiPo. Use with 1S is possible, but as the battery is drawn down control may be lost.)



The Magnetic Mission Switch 10A (MMS-10) combines the functionality of a magnetic reed switch, a high-current solid-state relay and a resettable 10A fuse all in a compact, all solid-state device. When the MMS-10 is first connected to a battery power is not passed through from the input terminal to the switched output terminal, and the status LED will remain OFF confirming that the MMS is in the STANDBY condition.


To switch power ON place a magnet over top of the sensor (the LED will illuminate) and hold for at least half a second, then remove. Battery power will be applied to the output terminal, and the status LED will begin to blink to show that the MMS has changed to an ACTIVE condition. To remove power from the switched terminal hold a magnet over the sensor again for at least a half second, then remove. Over current protection is automatic – when more than 10A is pulled for an extended period of time the MMS will automatically shut off power to the switched terminal. When the short circuit is removed power will return automatically



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