MSD SubDriver - 250 Series for 1/96 Subs
  • MSD SubDriver - 250 Series for 1/96 Subs

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    The evolution of the SubDriver has arrived!


    The all new Modular Sub Driver (MSD) has underwent significant upgrades over the first generation SubDriver units. The new MSDs feature a completely modular layout, which allows for much easier access to all areas of the cylinder for upgrade, repair or maintenance. 


    MSDs are also now powered by high-efficiency and high-torque brushless motors. These single shaft variants run direct-drive and are specifically engineered for smaller 1/96 models such as the USS Blueback and Russian Kilo kits, but are suitable for any RC submarine of comparable size. 

    These cylinders feature 3 servo outputs at the rear, a fully assembled SNORT ballast system with integrated emergency gas backup. 


    Cylinder is 2.5" diameter and approximately 20" in overall length with a 6.5" ballast tank, 6" motor compartment and 5" battery compartment.

    The SNORT ballast system is ideal for most RC submarines and offers superb reliability and simplicity. The ballast system brings the boat from full surfaced waterline to "decks awash" state, retaining slight positive buoyancy. With the addition of a small amount of forward movement and dive plane commands, the model easily submerges. In the case of emergency, the model will always re-surface, simply by putting transmitter controls to neutral and waiting for the submarine to re-surface. 

    Conversion to full static-diving SAS ballast is possible, but is challenging in models of this size with limited volume available in the sail area. Please email me for more info or details, if desired. 



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