Pump and Solenoid Controller

Pump and Solenoid Controller

Provides ON/OFF control of an air pump and external solenoid.  Solders directly to motor case, isolates motor/solenoid return from Rx return and has integrated spark-supression caps.  Perfect for RCABS ballast systems.

  • Features

    Switches 6V and 12V pump motors (up to 0.5A) while maintaining electrical isolation between “pump” and “control” circuits.  Status LED: A green LED will illuminate when the pump is being commanded ON.  (Note- The status LED is powered by Receiver power so it will illuminate even if pump power is not provided.)  Failsafe to OFF on signal loss: In the event of signal loss the MPC will automatically remove power from the connected pump. 
    The MPC is designed to activate the pump when it sees a signal between 20% and 120% of throw in one direction and not respond to commands in the other direction.  The MPC can be used “standalone” on its own channel or connected through a Y-connector with a servo-operated valve.   
    The MPC is not recommended for use with 6V or 5 cell receiver systems, use a 5V BEC or 4 cell receiver packs. (Note that this restriction applies only to “receiver power”, not “pump power”.  You may safely apply up to 16V or the safe limit of your pump to the pump power lead.) 



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