Radiolink AT9S Pro 10 Channel RC Radio Package

Includes R9DS 2.4GHz receiver and custom antenna extension. 


While high frequency radio waves do not penetrate water, proper installation and use of this system will offer superb control, flexibility and reliability to your submarine project. Simply remove the stock receiver antenna, clip on the supplied antenna extension, cut your new antenna to the desired length, strip the insulation from the last 1.25" and you've now got a powerful communication tool for your boat with 10 channels of control! 


By properly programming the integrated failsafe, loss of signal events immediately cause your boat to automatically surface, offering uninterrupted operation even if you dip your antenna under the surface of the water. 

This setup offers the highest degree of safety and reliability during operation, as you never truly lose sight of your boat while still enjoying submerged operation. 


DSSS&FHSS communication technology gives the AT9S Pro transmitter ultra-stable transmission signal and a control range up to 2.1 miles(3.4km) in open air! These radios support up to 15 different models, meaning you only need one transmitter for your entire fleet of subs. 

Radiolink 10ch Radio and Transmitter for RC Submarines

  • 2.4GHz Antenna Extension Instructions

    As your receiver comes from the factory, the stock antenna is too short to extend outside your watertight cylinder and above the waterline. In order for you to retain control of your boat while at periscope depth, the antenna must be extended using the adapter and antenna extension provided in your radio kit. 

    This process is quite simple. 


    • Remove the plastic case from the receiver

    • Using a small screwdriver, carefully pry up the small connector at the base of the stock antenna. This is quite delicate, so use care when doing so.

    • Take the supplied antenna adapter and carefully press it onto the connector on the receiver board.

    • Connect the long antenna extension to the antenna adapter.

    • Run the antenna extension out your cylinder bulkhead. You can seal any opening you have to make with a dab of RTV silicone.

    • Cut the antenna extension to length, making sure you have adequate cable to allow insertion into a periscope or mast and enough play to do so while the hull is opened. 

    • Mark out exactly 1.25” (31.8mm) from the end of your antenna extension.

    • With a sharp hobby knife, carefully score around the perimeter of the cable shielding at this mark and pull off the plastic coating. It is quite easy to cut too deep and cut into the internal antenna, so make shallow cuts until you’re fully through the plastic coating.

    • Pull back the metal shielding from the core of the wire and snip it back until it is flush with the cut you made earlier

    • Slip some heat shrink over the end of the antenna, ensuring that it overlaps the wire coating at least ¼” and that the end is pinched fully closed so that no water can enter.

    • Test the receiver with your transmitter to ensure the signal is reaching the device.


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