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Mobius Skipjack Starter Kit in 1:72 scale

R/C Submarine "Beginner's Kit":


The Skipjack class was a class of United States Navy nuclear submarines (SSNs) that entered service in 1959-61. This class was named after its lead boat, USS Skipjack. The new class introduced the teardrop hull and the S5W reactor to U.S. nuclear submarines. The Skipjacks were the fastest U.S. nuclear submarines until the Los Angeles-class submarines, the first of which entered service in 1974.


The Skipjacks' design was based on the USS Albacore's high-speed hull design. The hull and innovative internal arrangement were similar to the diesel-powered Barbel class that were built concurrently. The design of the Skipjacks was very different from the Skate-class submarines that preceded the Skipjacks. Unlike the Skates, this new design was maximized for underwater speed by fully streamlining the hull like a blimp. This required a single screw aft of the rudders and stern planes. Adoption of a single screw was a matter of considerable debate and analysis within the Navy, as two shafts offered redundancy and improved maneuverability. The so-called "body-of-revolution hull" reduced her surface sea-keeping, but was essential for underwater performance. Also like Albacore, the Skipjacks used HY-80 high-strength steel, with a yield strength of 80,000 psi (550 MPa), although this was not initially used to increase the diving depth relative to other US submarines. HY-80 remained the standard submarine steel through the Los Angeles class.


NOTE: The actual model kit must be sourced by the buyer. This package DOES NOT include the model kit itself, which is widely available from numerous hobby stores online. 


Package contents: 


  • 3.5" Skipjack SubDriver dive module
  • Viper SUB 10 40A Electronic speed controller
  • 4 standard mini servos
  • AD2 pitch controller
  • BLM Battery Link and Monitor failsafe device
  • 3000mAh LiPo battery
  • VEX 6-channel FM radio system with receiver
  • 1 nylon dogbones with adapter
  • 15oz self-adhesive ballast weights
  • Flotation foam


Due to the limited availability of this kit, delivery may be delayed.

  • Other components needed but not included

    Other things you may need would include:


    • LiPo battery charger (http://www.all-battery.com/tenergytb6b-charger01321.aspx)
    • Miscellaneous brass rod, tubing and plastic sheet for linkage installation
    • cyanoacrelate glue (superglue)
    • paint