Russian Akula II in 1:96 scale
  • Russian Akula II in 1:96 scale

    This is a replica of the Russian attack submarine K-157 “Vepr”. 


    The kit accurately duplicates the sleek lines of the original with detailed deck and conning tower, flood openings and detail plans.


    With this kit you can make a museum quality static model for your home or office, or launch the radio controlled action submarine in your local pond.


    Details of the kit were engineered with the R/C modeler in mind. The two piece epoxy GRP hull simplifies assembly and ensures a robust model. Control surface mounting and linkage arrangement is prefabricated to ensure quick and reliable results. The ample interior dimensions enable easy installation of the ballast system of your choice.


    Kit contents:

    • Two-piece epoxy hull with scribed detail. 

    • Rudders and dive planes with shafts.

    • Fitting set of mast and periscopes.

    • Brass metal scale propeller, prop shaft. 

    • Photo etched brass deck detail set. 

    • White-color decal sheet (master sheet).

    • Brass plates (64 x 38 mm).

    • Full size plan.


    Scale: 1/96 
    Length: 1163mm (45.8”)
    Beam: 141mm (5.5”)
    thickness of the hull: 2.5 mm 


    This submarine kit is recommended to utilize our 3.5" SubDriver module.


    You can view a buildup video of this kit that I undertook by clicking here.

    • Original Submarine Specifications

      Project 971U (Akula II)[edit]

      K-157 Vepr is the only completed Akula II. The Akula II is 3 metres (9.8 ft) longer and displaces about 700 tons (submerged displacement) more than the Akula I. The added space was used for additional quieting measures. The MGK-501 Skat sonar system on Akula-I is replaced to a new MGK-540 Skat-3 sonar system.K-157 Vepr became the first Soviet submarine that was quieter than the latest U.S. attack submarines of that time, which was the improved Los Angeles class (SSN 751 and later). 


      General characteristics
      Type: Nuclear-powered attack submarine
      • surfaced:
      • 8,140 tons Akula I and Akula I Improved
      • 8,450–8,470 tons Akula II and III
      • submerged:
      • 12,770 tons Akula I and Akula I Improved
      • 13,400–13,800 tons Akula II and III
      • 110.3 m (362 ft) for Akula I and Akula I Improved
      • 113.3 m (372 ft) for Akula II and Akula III
      Beam: 13.6 m (45 ft)
      Draught: 9.7 m (32 ft)
      • one 190 MW OK-650B/OK-650Mpressurized water nuclear reactor
      • 1 OK-7 steam turbine 43,000 hp (32 MW)
      • 2 OK-2 Turbogenerators producing 2 MW
      • 1 seven-bladed propeller
      • 2 OK-300 retractable electric propulsors for low-speed and quiet maneuvering at 5 knots (9.3 km/h; 5.8 mph)
      • 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph) surfaced
      • 28–35 knots (52–65 km/h; 32–40 mph) submerged[1]
      Endurance: 100 days[2]
      Test depth:
      • 480 m (1,570 ft) test depth for Akula I and Akula I Improved
      • 520 m (1,710 ft) for Akula II and III
      • 600 m (2,000 ft) maximum operating depth[3]
      Complement: 73 for Akula I & Improved,[4] 62 (31 officers) for Akula II & III [5]
      Sensors and 
      processing systems:
      • MGK-500 or 540 active/passive suite
      • Flank arrays
      • Pelamida towed array sonar
      • MG-70 mine detection sonar
      Electronic warfare 
      & decoys:
      • Bukhta ESM/ECM
      • MG-74 Korund noise simulation decoys (fired from external tubes)
      • MT-70 Sonar intercept receiver
      • Nikhrom-M IFF
      • 4 × 533 mm torpedo tubes (28 torpedoes) and 4 × 650 mm torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes). (K-152 Nerpahas 8 × 533 mm torpedo tubes) 40 torpedoes total
      • 1–3 × Igla-M surface-to-air missile launcher fired from sail (surface use only)
      • Granat cruise missiles, now Kalibr
      • Chiblis Surface Search radar
      • Medvyeditsa-945 Navigation system
      • Molniya-M Satellite communications
      • MGK-80 Underwater communications
      • Tsunami, Kiparis, Anis, Sintez and Kora Communications antennas
      • Paravan Towed VLF Antenna
      • Vspletsk Combat direction system
    • Shipping information

      These kits are manufactured overseas. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.



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