Russian Delta IV Model Kit in 1:140 scale
  • Russian Delta IV Model Kit in 1:140 scale

    Project 667 BDRM Delta IV SSBN Kit   

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    About the kit. (Scale 1:140)


    The main kit components are made of Polyester resin fiberglass. These parts include the top and bottom hull and also the two side and top pieces of the fin/ sail. The rest of the components are made of hard wearing Polyurethane resin cast parts. This kit will require a twin motored dive module. 


    The kit comes with basic components including the following:


    2 x top hull pieces.

    2 x lower hull pieces.

    1 x  One piece sail.

    2 x  Bow sail mounted foreplanes.

    4 x  Reactor Condenser scoops

    4 x  Outlet doors

    2 x  Horizontal stern planes

    2 x Horizontal movable surfaces.

    1 x Upper fixed rudder post

    1 x Upper Movable rudder

    1 x Lower fixed rudder post

    1 x Lower movable rudder

    2 x Screws opposite rotation

    4 x mast heads

    1 x Satnav mast door.

    1 x Instruction manual in English


    Kit does not include Cylinder, Electronics, shafts and other RC parts needed for operation.


    Length: 1260 mm

    Beam: 90mm. 


    We recommend our superb 250/250/250 MSD SubDriver to power this model kit. A complete Command and Control package that includes all running gear, batteries, radio and much more is available. Please contact us for details. 



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