Russian Victor III in 1:72 Scale
  • Russian Victor III in 1:72 Scale

    Project 671RTM/RTMK Shchuka (Victor III)


    Soviet designation Project 671RTM/RTMK Shchuka (pike) - entered service in 1979; 25 were produced until 1991. Quieter than previous Soviet submarines, these ships had four tubes for launching SS-N-21 or SS-N-15 missiles and Type 53 torpedoes, plus another two tubes for launching SS-N-16 missiles and Type 65 torpedoes. 24 tube-launched weapons or 36 mines could be on board.


    A depiction of a Victor III-class submarine (Valentin Zukovsky's nephew Nikolai's own submarine) was used prominently in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough as a key element in the film's antagonists (Elektra King and Viktor "Renard" Zokas)'s plan.


    This rendition of the Victor III was originally mastered by Tim Cobb and is laid up in high quality epoxy GRP. Appendages are cast resin, and the supplied double-propeller, unique to the Victor III, is supplied in plated stainless steel. 

    Length: 56.5" (143 cm)

    Beam: Approximately 5.5" (14cm)


    This model is a great candidate for our variable displacement 3.5" SubDriver. 

    • Full-sized boat specifications

      General characteristics
      Type: Nuclear attack submarine
      • 4,950 tons light surfaced
      • 6,990 tons normal surfaced
      • 7,250 tons submerged
      Length: 93–102 m (305 ft 1 in–334 ft 8 in)
      Beam: 10 m (32 ft 10 in)
      Draft: 7 m (23 ft 0 in)

      One VM-4P pressurized-water twin nuclear reactor (2x75 MW), 2 sets OK-300 steam turbines; 1 7-bladed or 2 4-bladed props; 31,000 shp (23,000 kW) at 290 shaft rpm – 2 low-speed electric cruise motors; 2 small props on stern planes; 1,020 shp (760 kW) at 500 rpm

      Electric: 4,460 kw tot. (2 × 2,000-kw, 380-V, 50-Hz a.c. OK-2 turbogenerators, 1 × 460-kw diesel emergency set)[verification needed]
      Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
      Endurance: 80 days
      Complement: About 100 (27 officers, 34 warrant officers, 35 enlisted)
      Sensors and
      processing systems:
      • Radar: 1 MRK-50 Albatros’-series (Snoop Tray-2) navigation/search
      • Sonar: MGK-503 Skat-KS (Shark Gill) suite: LF active/passive; passive flank array; Barrakuda towed passive linear
      • array (Victor III only); MT-70 active ice avoidance
      • EW: MRP-10 Zaliv-P/Buleva (Brick Pulp) intercept; Park Lamp direction-finder
      • Active vessels have 2 bow torpedo tubes, 650 mm (26 in) (8 weapons – Type 88R[verification needed]/SS-N-16 Stallion cruise missiles, Type 65-76 torpedoes)
      • 4 bow torpedo tubes, 533 mm (21 in) (16 weapons – Type 83RN/Type 53-65K/USET-80 torpedoes, Type 84RN[verification needed]/SS-N-15 Starfish cruise missiles, VA-111 Shkval rocket torpedoes, MG-74 Korund and Siren decoys, or up to 36 naval mines)


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