SeaQuest DSV in 1:300 scale
  • SeaQuest DSV in 1:300 scale

    A breathtaking model of the SeaQuest DSV from the 1990's era television series of the same name. 

    This new kit is the most accurate reproduction available, the master pattern having been created from laser scans of the actual wooden maquette used to master the digital files for the television program. Untold hours of research has gone into getting the details of this boat correct.


    SeaQuest DSV in 1:300 scale

    • 40.25" (102cm) in overall length
    • Rotocast hollow resin construction, suitable for conversion to R/C or static display
    • Fully articulating rear fins with hydraulic actuation representation
    • Display stand with name plaque
    • Parts to display EVA doors in either open or closed position
    • 1/2 sheet of vinyl bioskin material


    In stock and ready to ship!



    *Special thanks to Will Noon for the creation of the digital files for the Speeder and other auxiliary craft for the SeaQuest

    **Re-imagined SeaQuest logo designed by Cal Schnatz Jr.

    • the SeaQuest DSV 4600

      The seaQuest was the brain child of Nathan Bridger, who designed the boat in the early 21st century. Upon its completion, seaQuest was the largest submarine and deep submergence vehicle ever constructed, measuring 307.1 metres (1,008 ft) from stem to stern with a crew of 88 military and 124 science personnel.


      The ship can travel at speeds up to 160 knots (300 km/h; 180 mph) and is propelled by twin fusion reactors. The seaQuest is coated in a genetically engineered bio-skin that remains inert against most marine bacteria and organisms, and the ship has a crush depth of more than 9 km of water.


      The ship is equipped with a complement of standard torpedoes, as well as nuclear tipped SLBMs, intercepts, sea-to-air missiles, and state-of-the art laser banks, as well as a specialized "grapnel torpedo" to allow the seaQuest to tow or retract a target.


      The ship is also equipped with a series of WSKRS (pronounced "whiskers"; Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites): small sensor probes that are remotely controlled by the ship's sensor chief.



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