Soviet India Class in 1:60 Scale
  • Soviet India Class in 1:60 Scale

    The Project 940 Lenok class (a type of salmon) (known in the West by its NATO reporting name India class) was a military submarine design of the Soviet Union. The submarines of this class were designed to function as mother ships for two Poseidon Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRVs).


    While India class boats have been seen going to the aid of Russian Submarines involved in accidents, they have also been observed working in support of Russian Spetsnaz operations. The boats had decompression chambers and medical facilities on board. Two vessels of this class were built for the Soviet Navy. Both were scrapped in the 1990s.


    The kit consists of 


    1. Main hull of the submarine (not cut)
    2. Bow and stern dive planes 

    3. Seats for rescue submarines

    4. Rudders
    5. Kort nozzles

    6. Conning tower (left and right halves)

    7. Rescue submarines (left and right halves)


    These kits are manufactured to order here in Naples, FL, USA. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for your kit to be manufactured and shipped. 


    All parts are made by a set of highly accurate molds. All openings are pre-scribed.
    This set allows you to build a model of one of the rarest and most beautiful submarines, while at the same time enjoying the whole process of assembly.


    Length: 177cm or 70"







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