Steampunk Conning Tower Upgrade for Thundertiger Neptune
  • Steampunk Conning Tower Upgrade for Thundertiger Neptune

    This is the same 3D printed tower that I used to create the  upgrade project I conducted on my Thundertiger Neptune RC submarine recently. You can view a detailed overview of what I did and how I did it in this video. 


    What you get:


    • 3D printed tower part with under-deck supports in place (remove with pliers).  PLA plastic in 0.2mm resolution
    • Cast resin "N" plaque


    You'll need to add your own holddown hardware (I used magnets in my build, but you can use bolts, tabs or whatever method you'd like). The big "N" crest is a physical cast part. If you'd like to add that to your model as well, it will need to be heated up and conformed to the contour of the tower's front face and adhered with adhesive. 

    Brass railings were fabricated from standard hobby brass stock and soldered together. You can also use styrene rod, acrylic rod or many other options. Feel free to design your own railing layout for a completely unique look!

    Please allow 1 week for printing and shipping of your order.





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