Step Servo Controller

Step Servo Controller

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Basically, the SSC unit allows any radio channel to mimic the effects of a latching 2, 3, 4, or 5 position switch, useful for any number of features such as torpedo doors, periscopes, ballast control, etc. This unit is perfect for use in conjuction with the rear buttons of the VEX radio and add a massive amount of functionality to the radio.


The Step Servo Controller (SSC) is designed to alter the behavior of a channel so that it acts as if it were being controlled from a 2, 3, 4 or 5-position switch. The input device on your transmitter may be a stick, knob, dial or Up/Down buttons, and the “command range” is broken up into three regions: Up/Left, Middle, and Down/Right. The output positions span the full range of servo travel and however many intermediate steps the SSC has been set up to provide.

Each time the input is cycled to “Up/Left” and back to Middle the SSC will move the servo one step closer to the Up/Left end of the range, and for each Down/Right command the SSC will move the servo one step in the Down/Right direction. The power-up starting position may be set to any of the available positions, as well as the commanded position upon loss of radio signal. (SSC may also be configured to HOLD the last commanded position on signal loss.)


Operational Example: 

The switch is configured as a 3-position switch, controlled from the momentary rear buttons of a VEX radio on CH 5. 


  • Upon power on, the servo moves to neutral position
  • Pushing up on the rear buttons moves the servo into the +100% position, where it remains locked
  • Pushing down on the rear button then moves the servo back into the neutral position
  • Pushing down again moves the servo into -100% postion, where it will remain until an up command is again received.


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