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  • SubDriver - 2.5" OD - Dual shaft - 19" length - 1:72 Type IX

    This Sub-driver (SD) is specifically designed to power, control, and produce the weight change required to operate the radio-controlled, 1/72 Revell Type-9 model submarine for operation either on the surface or submerged.  In addition to that primary use, this Sub-driver also has utility within any other wet-hull type r/c model submarine large enough to accommodate the unit, employs two propellers, and who's above waterline structures displace no more than fourteen-ounces.
    The 1/72  Type-9 SD comes with the propulsion sub-system installed and  tested -- the single 12-volt, 380 size brushed motor, geared to the output shafts at 3:1 -- the motor is wired and spark-suppressed; the SAS ballast sub-system installed, tested, and checked for correct operation; and the entire system leak tested to insure watertight integrity. Installation and removal of the system is both quick and easy, as is access to the devices and mechanisms within the SD.

    Type-9  Sub-driver Specifications
    ·         2.5" diameter, 19" long, 1/16" thick, machined Lexan SD cylinder
    ·         ballast water weight is 14-ounces -- enough to raise the  model submarine to its designed waterline
    ·         LPB-MPC, ballast sub-system servo, safety float-valve, and  all SAS plumbing made up and tested
    ·         a horizontal type snorkel head-valve assembly comes ready for installation within the sail
    ·         one spark-suppressed, installed and tested 12-volt brushed 380 size motor drives two shafts at 3:1
    ·         ballast tank after bulkhead has a foundation, and the Lexan cylinder is machined to receive gas        

              ballast-sub system retro-fit kit elements if so desired

    • Additional Components Required


      Many of these components are available here at the Nautilus Drydocks. For other components, check your local hobby stores or send us a message.

      Recommended Components: 

      • one,  11.1-volt, 3200mAh battery and charger
      • one, 6-8 channel FM r/c system (2.4gHz systems are not suitable for in-water use)
      • one, Lipo-Guard
      • one, Y-type servo lead
      • one, ADF2 (angle-keeper and fail-safe circuits)
      • one, ESC
      • one, high-capacity BEC
      • four mini-sized servos
      • one, 1/2", 20-Ampere toggle-switch and watertight boot
      • one, GATO fittings kit (if applicable)
    • SAS ballast system

      This SD features our Semi-ASpirated (SAS) type ballast sub-system -- air to eject ballast water is either pulled from atmosphere through a snorkel within the models sail, or air is pulled from the dry spaces within the SD itself, should the model be completely submerged when it is desired to expel ballast water. The SAS ballast sub-system suffers neither the logistical or trim problems presented by a gas type ballast sub-system; nor the ballast displacement  limitations inherent in an RCABS (bladder) type ballast sub-system. However -- without any degradation of the SAS ballast sub-system -- a gas type ballast sub-system can be retro-fitted to the system should you desire it as a back-up to insure recovery of  the model operated in deep water.

    • Additional Components Required

      ·         two,  11.1-volt, 1,300mAh batteries and charger
      ·         one, 6-8 channel FM r/c system
      ·         one, Lipo-Guard
      ·         one, Y-type servo lead
      ·         one, AD2 (angle-keeper )
      ·         one, ESC
      ·         one, high-capacity BEC
      ·         three mini-sized servos
      ·         one, 1/2", 20-Ampere toggle-switch and watertight boot
      ·         one, Type-9 fittings kit


    • Components included

      Bagged Items that come with the Type-9 Sub-driver

      ·         three, magnetic coupler sets
      ·         one, motor-bulkhead SAS manifold
      ·         one, bow-plane dog-bone assembly
      ·         three, flexible hoses
      ·         one,  pushrod seal
      ·         one, horizontal type snorkel head-valve assembly
      ·         one, power-cable strain-relief block
      ·         one, zip cord type power-cable
      ·         three, servo pushrods
      ·         various mechanical fastener