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  • SubDriver - 2.5" OD - Single shaft - 25.5" length - 1:96 Skipjack



    This Sub-driver (SD) is specifically designed to power, control, and produce the weight change required to operate the radio-controlled, 1/96 D&E SKIPJACK model submarine, as a static diving submarine. 


    In addition to that primary use, this Sub-driver also has utility on any other wet-hull type r/c model submarine that is large enough to accommodate the unit, employs a single propeller, and has an above waterline structure displacement of no more than fourteen-ounces of fresh-water.


    The 1/96 SKIPJACK SD is our general-purpose work-horse; this Sub-driver finds use in many types of r/c submarine hulls, including:


    • 1/12 X-Craft
    • 1/16 KAIRYU
    • 1/32 Type-23
    • 1/32 Type-202
    • 1/32 MARLIN
    • 1/60 ALBACORE
    • 1/96 SKIPJACK
    • 1/96 BLUEBACK
    • 1/96 PERMIT
    • 1/96 STURGEON
    • 1/96 LOS ANGELES
    • 1/96 VIRGINIA


    Bagged Items that come with the 1/96 SKIPJACK Sub-driver


    • three, magnetic coupler sets
    • one, motor-bulkhead SAS manifold
    • four, 1/16" brass pushrods
    • one, sail/bow-plane dog-bone assembly
    • three, 18" long flexible hoses
    • one,  pushrod seal
    • one, horizontal type snorkel assembly
    • one, power-cable strain-relief block
    • one, zip cord type power-cable
    • various mechanical fasteners
    • Additional Components Required


      Many of these components are available here at the Nautilus Drydocks. For other components, check your local hobby stores or send us a message.

      Recommended Components: 

      • one, six-inch long, Lithium-polymer, 11.1-volt, 3200mAh battery and charger
      • three-four, micro-servos
      • one, FM 6-8 channel r/c system (2.4gHz gear does not penetrate water, so it useless in this application)
      • one, Mtroniks Marine-15 electronic speed controllerone, BEC
      • one, Lipo-Guardone, AD2 (angle-keeper)
      • one, 1/2", 20-Ampere toggle-switch and watertight boot