SubDriver - 2" OD - Single shaft - 12" OAL
  • SubDriver - 2" OD - Single shaft - 12" OAL


    The 212 Sub-driver comes completely assembled and tested. This is suitable for use with the small 1:144 scale German 212, 1:144 scale Trumpeter Seawolf, and 1:77 scale Disney Nautilus model kits, and any other model of similar size. 


    These cylinders come with servos, speed control and ballast sub system completely installed and tested. Just run your power wires, install any optional electronics such as pitch controllers or failsafes, and you're set to go!

    The ballast system is configured for SNORT. This system is simple and reliable, and is the recommended configuration for all submarines. This keeps a small amount of reserve buoyancy at all times and forward movment and dive planes dive the boat. In case of emergency, the boat will tend to return to the surface unless catastrophic flooding has occurred. With the addition of a safety float valve and snorkel valve, this cylinder can be set up for static diving in SAS (semi-aspirated) ballast configuration. 


    Diameter = 2"

    Overall length 12" approx

    Motor size - 280
    Fwd Dry length - 3.125"
    Ballast tank length  - 4"
    Aft Dry Space - 4.75"
    Snort Ready - yes 
    Size of gas tank - 2" long X .75" diam.
    ESC - yes
    Servos - 3
    Gas Saver - No
    Batteries - 850mah 2S LiPo (not included)


    Optional, but recommended: 

    • AD2 automatic pitch controller
    • BLM failsafe
      $500.00 Regular Price
      $460.00Sale Price


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