Blind Auction for an
80mm dual shaft watertight cylinder

Paying back negative energy with positive karma!

This beautiful 80mm dual shaft R&R Watertight Cylinder (WTC) was originally put together for a customer as a favor for some help provided me personally. The Nautilus Drydocks completely outfitted the cylinder with all of the needed wiring, connectors, battery, and electronics, and tested the unit thoroughly prior to shipping. 

Upon receipt, the customer complained that the motors didn't work, that there was rust inside, and that we had sold him a faulty, used cylinder. Nothing that I could say or do could convince him otherwise. 

Concerned, we told him to return the unit, and were flabbergasted to discover that, upon its return home, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

Check out the video of our evaluation and the new, upgraded cylinder components on my YouTube Channel here. 

Well, his loss is your gain. We have decided to auction off this storied cylinder in a fun and creative manner. If you can use this cylinder in a current or future project, simply decide what it is worth to you and submit your bid. You can't see what others bid until the end, and the cylinder will go to the highest bidder after one week. 

What Is Included: 

  • 80mm, dual shaft R&R Watertight Cylinder ($440)

  • AD2 Automatic Pitch Controller ($60)

  • BLM failsafe ($50)

  • VEX transmitter, receiver and crystals ($250)

  • 3300mAh LiPo battery pack ($33)

  • Two Viper Marine 10 ESCs ($76)

  • Forward Servo conversion ($150)

  • Labor for installation and setup ($250)

Total Retail Value: $1,309 USD!

Please note: Your bid is a binding contract. If you are selected as the winner, payment must be submitted within 24 hours of the auction end and your subsequent. notification via email and phone. Failure to pay within 24hrs will result in the item being offered to the next highest bid. In the event of a tied offer value, the first offer received shall have priority. Auction completion date is Wednesday, May 11th at 2pm central time. Winner will be notified via email. Shipping expenses will be billed over and above the offer price.  

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