Soviet Project 670 Skat in 1:72 scale
  • Soviet Project 670 Skat in 1:72 scale

    The Charlie I class submarine (Project 670 Skat) SSGN was first launched at the Krasnoye Sormovo inland shipyard at Gorkiy in 1967 with another 10 following over a period of five years.


    The Charlie I's had two banks of four missile tubes angled upwards on each side of the bow outside the pressure hull. The tubes were covered by large outer doors and the design was to incorporate the P-120 Malakhit (SS-N-9 Siren) medium range anti ship missile. The missiles were designed for pop up surprise attacks on high value surface targets such as aircraft carriers.


    These submarines returned to port for reload once they had expended their missile payloads. However, the Charlie class's secondary armament of torpedoes and sonar systems provided useful anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare capabilities in addition to their missile launch capabilities.


    The last Charlie was retired in 1994. While still operational, one unit of the class was leased to the Indian Navy between 1988 and 1991, mainly for India to gain experience in the operations of a nuclear submarine.


    Model length: 52 inches (132cm)

    Beam: 5.5 inches (14cm)


    Kit contents (1/72nd scale): 


    • Upper and lower fiberglass hulls in epoxy resin
    • Periscope castings  
    • Rear tail fins  
    • Control surfaces with cast-in shafts
    • Front dive planes with cast-in shafts
    • intake scoops
    • Layout drawing
    • Brass 5-bladed propeller


    NOTE: This kit is for the advanced modeler. Some adjustment of fitment, filling and sanding will be required for assembly. 

    • Full-size Specifications


      Charlie I class: Surfaced:4000tons Submerged:4900tons



      Charlie I class: 95 m (312 ft)

      Beam: Charlie I+II class:10 m (32 ft 10 in)
      Draught: Charlie I+II class: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
      Propulsion: Charlie I+II class: one pressurized water-cooled reactor powering two steam turbines delivering 11,185kW (15,000shp) to one shaft.

      Surfaced: 20knots

      Submerged: 24knots
      Range: Unlimited except by food supplies

      Charlie I class: 100

      Armament: Charlie I+II class: Six 533 mm (21in) tubes all bow for a max load of 12 torpedoes. Usually a mix of 2 kt anti-ship nuclear torpedoes, 2 Tsakra (SS-N-15 Starfish) 15 kt anti-submarine torpedoes, Charlie I's with 4 anti-ship/submarine HE torpedoes, Charlie II's with 8 anti-ship/submarine torpedoes or a total of 24 AMD-1000 ground mines.


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