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FrSky Radio Resources

Getting Started

Ethos for Spektrum users

Binding a Tandem TD receiver

Bind an ACCESS receiver 

Step by step plane setup 

Setup flaps (Easy, Default)
Setup a throttle cut (Super easy)
Update Ethos  This should be done one every month or two
S.A.F.E. using a multiprotocol module-NEW-Highly requested.

TD SR12/ TD SR18 Cheat sheet-  This is a document with many links.  Please watch the videos listed in their entirety to learn how to setup your Tandem stabilized receivers.  There are some quirks to the setup, follow this guide and it should be fairly simple to setup.


Settings and Setups

Set timers
Setup a flying wing (elevon mix)

Setup Landing Gear
Setting up rates and expo
Setup “Kill Switch” for fuel based planes
Setup stabilized receivers - Note, watch from start to finish
Addendum to video above, put gains on a switch instead of knob
Assign a channel to a switch, knob or slider
Assign a sound to a switch
Setup a multiprotocol module


Nuts & Bolts
Clone, rename, delete, move and organize models in models folders
Using and Understanding VFR and RSSI Telemetry
Telemetry Logging: What it is, how to turn it on, where to find it, how to read it.
Perform a range check

Adding sound files to your transmitter
Put volume and screen brightness on knobs
Use knob or slider as  a switch
Setup an idle up switch using flight modes
Model images-Install your own photos or find them online
Use your radio with a flight simulator
Get telemetry call outs from  rear buttons, display flight log on screen

Use satellite receivers in your plane
Flaps with elevator mixing
Flight Modes-Introduction and simple example

Flight modes

Use momentary switch as an on/off switch
Setup trainer (student pilot)
Take back control from student pilot (trainer) with stick movement

Creating channels and reversing outputs
Setting throttle position feedback
Setting up flaps, flaperons and spoilerons in Ethos
Setting up perfect flaps
Throttle cut/telemetry recording

Glider setup
Setup knife edge
Using a gyro to trigger a function
Recording telemetry
Understanding and reading telemetry logs

Read your plane’s battery voltage from your radio (FLVS Adv)
Setting up the free battery voltage meter that comes with your receiver
Setting up a the metal tray for Tandem radios
TDR-18 overview

Setup your Tandem with a Flight Simulator
GR8 Variometer setup
XAct Servos-Setting up servos, getting telemetry from multiple servos


Fix Hitec HS 645MG chattering servos once and for all  (Tandem receivers only)

FrSky’s  Website
Ethos Website

Ethos Github

Ethos X20S PC Simulator (Version 1.48)- Perfect for testing settings and sharing with people interested in getting an FrSky Tandem or Twin radio.
FrSky USA Facebook Page

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