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RC Submarine Related



  • Arkmodel single piston WTC Download instructions for them here. 

  • The SubCommittee - the best place on the net for submarine modelling, both RC and static

  • The Scale Shipyard - Lee has lots and lots of hull kits for sale, both submarine and \"targets\"

  • Alexander Engel - High quality, high-tech submarines for the experienced modeler!

  • Homebuilt ROV's - This site was instrumental in helping me get my own ROV project completed. Check it out!

  • OTW Designs - Manufacturer of high quality submarine hulls. and Dive Modules. I carry all of Bob's products!

  • Tim Smalley's RC-Submarines - A great site with a bunch of FAQ's and other information about the hobby!

  • John Dutton's "Scratch Build With John" - An awesome, entertaining and informative site that offers a ton of scratchbuilding resources. 

  • Zero Bubble Model Design - David Hughes' website offers model submarine hulls and his own version of a WTC

  • The RC Boat Guide is a great resource for anyone looking to "get their feet wet" with commercially available small-scale R/C submarines. If your budget is under $100, this would be a great place to start looking.

  • Beginner's Guide to Model Sailboats and Yachts. So, not really submarine-related, however this is a good site for reference to building hulls for surface craft from scratch. 



Nautilus Submarine



  • Total Immersion Disney Nautilus - WARNING! Click on the link for a blog article on this company. It is owned by a man by the name of Lee Seiler. The site looks to be professional and the product good, however do not be fooled. First off, the kit is an unauthorized recast and re-tool of our own Drydocks kit, created by Master Modeler, Scott Brodeen. The kits are poor quality, cast in cheap resin and rife with air bubbles and warped parts. Secondly, Lee takes payment for kits and never delivers product. I have had customers waiting years for their kits with no success. The internet forums are filled to the brim with negative comments and tales of non-delivery of product. Do not purchase from Total Immersions. You have been warned!

  • - My old RC submarine website with dozens of past projects for you to enjoy!

  • Jonathan Leslie's Paper Nautilus Kit - 36" long kit available for purchase from Jonathan.

  • Jules Verne's Nautilus - Michael Crisafulli's Nautilus site is the best Vernian Nautilus site on the net.

  • FX Models Nautilus - Buildup portfolio of FX Models version of the submarine

  • Vulcania Submarine - Pat Regan's site with info on his 18' long manned minisub, 20K diving suit and much more!



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