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watertight cylinders

Watertight cylinders (or WTC's as they are often called) are the heart and soul of an R/C submarine. Their main functions are to keep the electronics and battery of your boat dry during operation and to create a means of increasing or decreasing the buoyancy of the model through the use of a ballast system.

250 and 300 Series cylinders are now being fully supported by Jason Butterfield. You can contact him directly about manufacturing, delivery and other matters pertaining to these units: 


Phone or text: 239-887-5380

View or download Cylinder instructions by clicking on the links below:


300 Series SubDriver Instruction and Maintenance Manual

MSD SubDriver Assembly Instructions

MSD SubDriver Operation and Wiring Overview 

Wiring overview for twin shaft brushless MSDs
BLHeli32 User Instructions (ESC for MSD SubDrivers)

Link to BLHeli configuration program download

Original SubDriver Assembly Photo Gallery

Type VII SubDriver Assembly Video walkthrough

SubDriver SAS ballast system description

Emergency Blow Ballast Sub-System
OTW Dive Modules (3.5 and 4.25" diameters)

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