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live help with the RCSubGuy

Building, operating, maintaining and repairing RC submarines is hard, and even the best RC sub skippers can use some help now and again. 

If you've got a project that you're working on that you need help with, a problem that you need to troubleshoot, or something you need explained, you can now leverage the power of live video conferencing to bring immediate results rather than shipping your project across the continent for me to take a look at here at the Drydocks. 


All you need to take advantage of this service is a computer, laptop, tablet or cellular phone. You'll be emailed a link once the meeting is scheduled. Click the link at meeting time and you're done!


Time is offered in 30 minute blocks at a cost of $40 per block. That time is yours and can be split between projects, problems or opportunities. 


To get started, purchase the amount of blocks of time you'd like. To get one hour, for example, you'd purchase 2 blocks of time. In the appropriate section, put your availability in terms of scheduling and we'll see if we can align our calendars to something that is convenient for you. 

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