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The following table is updated as often as possible and reflects my current project lineup along with approximate start and completion dates. If you're curious as to when I may be able to start a new project for you, please take a look at the latest entry, as these are in approximate chronological order. 

If you're interested in commissioning a buildup, please click here to jump down to the Buildup FAQs and Inquiry Form.

Commissioning a buildup

Commissioning A Build

If you find yourself in the position where you have a project that you're unable to tackle on your own, or if you have a desire to own something particular and just don't know where to start, I may be able to help!


I now have well over twenty years of model-building experience, ranging from sci-fi models to military, science fiction to fantasy, and practical operational to display-only. 


You can check out my Past Project Gallery to see a small sampling of the past work that I've undertaken, or visit my YouTube channel for hundreds of past videos of my builds. 


As a rule, my build queue is usually booked about 6 months out, but that can change in either direction very easily depending on my workload. 

Before you reach out for a quote, here are some FAQ's and questions you should ask yourself before you hit submit on the form below: 

  1. The hobby of RC submarines is not a cheap one. Complete RTR subs based on smaller, inexpensive plastic model conversions and with basic functionality typically start at $2000 and go up, up, up from there. If that is within your budget, read on!

  2. Questions to ask yourself prior to asking for a quote:

    1. Do I understand how RC submarines operate?

    2. Do I have the skills and experience needed to maintain the model?

    3. Can I troubleshoot the model if an issue arises?

    4. What features do I really need in my boat? 

    5. What features do I really want in my boat? Bear in mind that the laws of probability dictate that the more features you include in your model, the higher the probability at any given time that one of them will stop functioning. In my experience, the simplest models are the most fun to operate.  

  3. What I AM responsible for:

    1. I will supply a work scope document for our records prior to taking a deposit that will outline everything discussed along with details and pricing.

    2. The estimated build commencement that I supply is exactly that: an estimate. I will communicate proactively to let you know how my build queue is progressing and give updates as your project start date gets nearer.

    3. You get detailed photos and video of the entire build process from start to finish as well as a final build video showcasing your model in operation. Expect weekly updates, if not sooner.

    4. I will pack the model for shipping to the very best of my ability. It will be shipped fully insured for the full value unless otherwise stipulated. Though rarely occurring (and highly frustrating), I am not responsible for damages incurred to the model during shipping. If damage does occur, I will work with you to get compensation from the shipping company and get it back into ship-shape again. 

  4. What YOU ARE responsible for:

    1. Let me know about any parts, components, electronics or kits that you already have and want to include in the build.

    2. Provide me a list of desired features and functionality you'd like to see incorporated into the build. Almost anything is possible if you've got the cash!

    3. If you have conducted research on the specific boat you want to have modeled and resources such as blueprints, instructions and particularly reference photos, please send them! 

    4. A $1000 deposit is required to hold your place in my build queue. I know that life happens and things can change. Cancellation of your build at any time up to commencement of work is subject to a $150 cancellation fee. Any expenses incurred in preparation of the build such as the purchase of parts specific to the build as well as any shipping expenses will be deducted from the deposit refund amount. 

    5. ​After I start work on your project, you're on the hook for the build purchase price in its entirety. 

Ready to go? 



Get the process started here:

12" Captain Nemo Figure
82" German Type VII submarine
66" Disney Nautilus Build

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