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R/C Submarine Electronics

Some of the electronic components that go into an R/C submarine can be found in other R/C vehicles as well, such as ESC's (Electronic Speed Controllers) and BEC's (Battery Eliminator Circuits), however there are many modules that have been developed specifically for this hobby and the specialized control that we need to have to operate our boats safely and with the maximum amount of fun.

Some of what you'll see here is completely optional and is not required for an R/C submarine to operate. Adding them, however, can increase your enjoyment of the boat through increased or easier control of your submarine craft.

View and download instructions for our products here: 

2IS Isolated Switch Unit

MM10 Electronic Switch (discontinued)

MM15 Electronic Switch

Step Servo Controller

Micro Torpedo Timer Modules

Depth Cruiser (discontinued)

Depth Cruiser V3

GoSlow Servo Controller

Bow Plane Interlock

Pitch Controller AD2

Pump Controller

Pump and Solenoid Controller

Battery and Link Monitor

Throttle Jockey

X-Tail MIXer

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