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The RCSubGuy's YouTube Channel
Hundreds of Great RC Submarine Videos!

As of February 2023, I have uploaded over five hundred videos to my YouTube channel. Topics include How To's, submarine overviews, event highlights and much more. 

Here are some links that will take you to my channel and show you some of the topic groups that you can find there:

The RCSubGuy's Video Channel
(Click here for all my videos)

Build Logs:
Include some step-by-step builds, build updates and build overviews

RC Submarine Event Highlights:
Want to see what we bubbleheads do when we all get together and have some fun? 

DiveTribe Gatherings:  

The DiveTribe is where our Nautilus Drydocks members go to get their bi-weekly fix of RC submarine awesomeness. Members share project updates, challenges, successes and much more. This is a MUST for any RC submarine beginner, as you'll get the support of dozens of experienced modelers in real time! Meetings are uploaded immediately after they occur, but they are only visible to members. Old meetings are posted up publicly so you can see what you missed by not being a member.

How-To's, Tips and Tricks:

Typically shorter videos that go over some techniques useful in building your submarine, or tips for making a better build. 

3D Modeling:

Some videos showing buildups or highlights of 3D CAD files used to build your own submarine hulls

Getting Started in RC Submarines:

Probably a great place to start if you're just getting started!

Drydocks Products: 
Overviews of new Nautilus Drydocks products

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