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Cabal Reports
by David Merriman

Speaking as someone who has known David Merriman for decades now, I can let you know that he is a grumpy, opinionated, outspoken and abrasive SOB.

He is also one of the most caring and generous people I know. He has made it his mission to pass along his monumental trove of information about the RC submarine hobby to anyone and everyone who has the willingness to research and implement his teachings. 

Years ago, David penned a series of articles that chronicle his buildups of various model kits, along with techniques for other processes in the build process. These were termed "Cabal Reports". 


I am excited to be able to post them up here for reference and posterity. 

NOTE: Many of the parts and products that David references are no longer produced. Please do not message me asking where to obtain them.


All of the David Merriman Cabal Reports can be downloaded at one time in the .zip file that you can access through the link above. 

This file includes information and reports for the following: 

  1. Building the Revell Gato

  2. Building the Moebius Skipjack

  3. Building the Permit

  4. Building the Revell Type VII

  5. Building the Moebius Seaview

  6. Building the Trumpeter Seawolf

  7. Building the Bronco Type XXIII

  8. Styrene Scribing Techniques

  9. Adhesives and Fillers

  10. Submarine totes

  11. RTR Mission Instructions

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