Welcome to the exclusive Nautilus Drydocks membership club, the DIVE TRIBE - ELITE


These members not only bleed seawater, but they're serious enough that they've invested in additional resources to help them in the hobby, resources available only to DIVE TRIBE - ELITE members. 


So, just what is it that they get? 


More benefits will be added over time, members are assured of many things, beginning with: 


1.) Exclusive discount coupons on select Nautilus Drydocks merchandise

2.) First access to new products

3.) Exclusive DiveTribe video discussions and online technical help

4.) Members only rewards and contests

The DiveTrive Member Gathering is a massive resource, whether you're an experienced builder or just getting started in the hobby. With full video support, you can show off your project, get advice and feedback, or get full support in diagnosing any challenges that you're having. 

Membership does have a small cost, and as an introduction, I've priced it at $49.99. If you like what you get, you can renew each year. Of course, taking advantage of even one discount could, conceivably, pay for the membership fee and more, but the real benefit is in knowing that you're supporting a small business owner that is 100% dedicated to this awesome hobby. 


So... what do you think? Is it worth taking the plunge? Are you ready to support the hobby and get great rewards for doing so? 


The Nautilus Drydocks is the world's premier supplier of kits, parts, components and resources dedicated to the hobby of remote controlled submarines. 



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