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I have made the decision to greatly modify my business and my offerings. This was precipitated by the upcoming renewal of my shop lease, an in-depth analysis of sales and income, and my own projection on where the hobby is going.

I am going to be moving the business into a smaller, more focused shop area in close proximity to my home. From here, I will be focusing exclusively on builds, creating blog and video content, fostering the DiveTribe community, and being an outspoken advocate for the hobby as much as I can.

So... what does that mean to you?

Effective August 1st, 2023, you will see many of the currently offered products disappear from my offerings. I am still going to market and support my partner vendor products, but many of the items that were previously manufactured and built here at the Drydocks will no longer be produced. If you are holding out on making a purchase for some reason, I would highly suggest placing your order immediately before these products cease being offered.

One of the biggest voids this will leave will be for our excellent line of watertight cylinders. Manufacturing will be undertaken by Jason Butterfield as one of our trusted vendor partners. While you can still make your purchase through the Drydocks here, Jason is responsible for manufacturing, quality control and shipping. Any and all questions pertaining to these products can be directed to him at :


Phone or text: 239-887-5380

Rest assured, despite these changes, I will be part of this hobby for many, many years to come.

I'm open to suggestions, comments, angry rebuttals or words of encouragement.

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