3D files - British Astute Class Submarine in 1:96 scale
  • 3D files - British Astute Class Submarine in 1:96 scale

    The first of our line of downloadable 3D files for 3D printing your own submarine!


    Purchase of this product will allow you to immediately download the files directly from this website. No need to ship USB sticks or memory cards or put anything in the mail. Just click on the link that you'll get in your confirmation and you're set to go!


    These files represent the parts needed to create your own replica of the UK's newest submarine, the Astute. The files included are: 


    • FrontDivePlane.stl

    • Hull1-Astute96.stl

    • Hull2-Astute96.stl

    • Hull3-Astute96.stl

    • Hull4-Astute96.stl

    • Hull5-Astute96.stl

    • Hull6-Astute96.stl

    • Hull7-Astute96.stl

    • Impeller.stl

    • LowerRudder.stl

    • RearDivePlane.stl

    • RearDriveBulkhead.stl

    • Sensor.stl

    • Shroud_1.stl

    • Shroud_2.stl

    • UpperRudder.stl

    • Bulkhead_Lower

    • Bulkhead_Upper


    The largest hull section measures approximately 185 x 135 x 126mm (in 1/96 scale. Obviously you can scale it up or down as you see fit). 

    NOTE: The included rear impeller shroud is a scale representation of the actual boat. Unfortunately, physics does not perfectly scale, and I feel that the shroud is restricting water to the impeller, which will result in decreased speed and impeller efficiency. I have created a new shroud that has fewer supports and an increased forward intake area. If RC performance is a priority, I recommend you use this design over the original. 

    Download Astute Shroud - RC


    An overview of the assembly recommendations are included with the .zip file in PDF format. A video outlining the assembly is available to review and for reference on my YouTube channel


    The completed submarine is composed of 7 hull sections, internal bulkheads, and control surfaces. Basic assembly skills required. The control surfaces will require that the builder source brass rod and tubing for the control shaft and drive train installation. 



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