BLM - Battery Link Monitor

BLM - Battery Link Monitor

BLM (Battery and Link Monitor - LiPoGuard 2)

Provides expanded-scale voltmeter functionality for 2S through 4S LiPo batteries, NiCd/NiMh and 6V/12V lead acid cells.  Also incorporates a 3-stage user-programmable missing pulse / programmed pulse position failsafe and a lost-frame counter.

  • Features

    • Intuitive four LED “gas gauge” gives an instant indication of charge level.  
    • Helps protect batteries from damage due to over-discharge by triggering the failsafe sequence when Low battery condition is detected. 
    • Link monitor keeps a running count of “lost signal events” to advise you of the quality of your radio link. 
    • Features 3-stage failsafe program with fully user configurable failsafe positions and durations. 
    • Compatible with receivers with built-in failsafe. 
    • Configurable to help protect 2S/3S LiPos, 6V/12V lead-acid, or 5/6/7/8 cell NiCd/NiMh battery packs. 
    • Failsafe Output is powered from the battery bus instead of receiver power to guard against ESC/BEC failure. 
  • Device Description

    The BLM is a multi-purpose device which combines a battery “charge state” indicator with an advanced radio link monitor and missing pulse/commanded failsafe.  The link monitor keeps a constant watch on the signal coming in from your receiver and will command a connected device through a 3-stage pre-programmed failsafe sequence if the input signal is lost.  The duration of stages 1 and 2, as well as the commanded position for each of the 3 stages of the failsafe program are configured in the setup routine.  The BLM can also be used with receivers which already have a built-in failsafe: By setting the receiver’s failsafe to command a position that’s outside of the normal use range the BLM can be configured to recognize this “not normal” command as a lost-signal event and behave as if the signal were missing.  The total number of lost signal events for each run are logged and displayed using a blink-pattern on the LEDs.  


    The BLM also continuously checks and reports on the condition of your battery. It can be configured to monitor 2S or 3S LiPo, 5-cell through 8 cell NiCd/NiMh, as well as 6V and 12V Pb chemistries.  When the battery voltage falls below the minimum safe value the BLM will automatically initiate the programmed failsafe sequence.  (The “minimum safe voltage” is preset to 3.3V per cell for LiPo, 1.05V per cell for NiCd/NiMh, 6V/12V for Pb.) 



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