Bob's Tip #2: Bringing Out the Details

It's one of the most disappointing occurrences when modeling. You spend hours and hours detailing a model to the nth degree, adding color, texture and ensuring that every detail is coated. When you're done, you set down the piece in utter satisfaction to admire your handiwork and what you see... disappoints. Why is this? Our eyes are used to much more vivid contrasts in real life, those offered by larger differences in a texture's high and low points. When we reduce these differences in scale models, these details begin to blend together more and more until we end up with bland, featureless miniatures. Fortunately, there is a modeler's trick that helps to restore the illusion of texture, and

Trumpeter Nails the Type VII With New Kit Release

While there are a handful of offerings for lovers of the German Navy's uboats, most of them fall in the piddly 1/72 or 1/144th scale ranges, which makes them big enough to be detailed, but exceptionally difficult to convert to RC operation. Larger kit offerings are out there, namely OTW Designs in the UK ( and Engel of Germany ( Type VII kits. Both are a monstrous 1/32nd scale, putting them just short of seven feet in length. At that size, you can rest assured that the installation of any number of amazing and cool features is a snap due to the sheer volume of room you have to work with, and also that the boat will have exemplary presence on

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