How Fast Do They Go?

It's one of the most common questions I'm asked, and forms one of the FAQs that I've created on the FAQ page of my website. The subject of proper scale speed comes up time and time again, both from newbies to the hobby and from experienced builders. Some might argue that you would simply take the scale speed and divide by the scale to get a scale speed. Sounds simple, right? Just take the original speed of, say, 40 knots, divide by the scale of the boat (let's say 1/96) and you get 0.41 knots. Done, right? Uh, not unless you want to wait a really long time for your boat to make her rounds. 0.4 knots is about 0.46mph (0.64 kph). Whoa. Massive turtle speed. If we do this properly, we need to g

New Site Features, Products and More!

If haven't been to my website in a few days (what's WRONG with you!?), you'll find some big changes when you come back! Let's take a look at a few of the changes: A New Navigation Menu Having to open up the sub-menus from the top of the page seemed like a lot of work when you're looking at multiple products or ones in different categories. I moved the menu to the left hand side for faster, easier navigation Featured Products I'll try to put new products, or ones that are on sale or just plain awesome in this area so you don't miss anything! New Customer Login Section I'm pretty excited about this! This functionality will allow you to create an account on my site where you can save your ship

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