U571 - Filming Miniature Road Find

This is a blast from the past that got brought back to mind when I connected with an old friend from Washington via email a few days ago. The story is just too cool not to dig back up again. I hope you enjoy! Back in 2006, a Mr. Jim Rhode emailed me with a question about a submarine that he'd seen sitting on the side of the road in Oregon. Without pictures, there was not much that I could do for him to help identify it, so he set out to get some for me. Much to my surprise, what was sent to me was an astounding replica of what appears to be a German Type VII submarine in a huge scale! Here are some of the original photos that he sent to me: Only a few weeks later, I met a new friend at an

Boys (and a few girls) and Their Toys

For the first time since I got into this hobby back in 1999, I've had the opportunity to join fellow bubble-heads for the annual SubCommittee submarine fun run. Why, oh why, didn't I do this sooner? By title, this event was called the 2017 4th Annual Carmel Sub Fun Run. It took place last weekend in Carmel, Indiana at the Veteran's Memorial Reflecting Pond. Having worked on him for a while, I finally convinced my 14 year old son, Logan, to accompany me and be my wingman at the event, helping to man our table of RC submarine goodies and check out the cool subs and their even cooler owners. Carmel is a lengthy 16 hour drive from my home in Naples, FL, so we elected to ship our stuff and fly ou

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