Scott Brodeen. The man. The myth. The legend.

It's late afternoon, and I'm pulling up to a nondescript home in Temecula, California. Slate red tiles are blackened with moss and the lawn is partly long, dead grass and partly barren soil. Overgrown shrubs squat in the flowerbeds and a green garden hose lies half-coiled near the cracked sidewalk like some sort of lethargic snake. I double-check the address and mentally line up the property with the hastily-Googled satellite image that I'd checked before I left home. Yep, this is it. Scott's house. I walk up to the door. A tiny "No Solicitors" sign has been affixed to it. Spiderwebs dangle in dusty clumps from the white-stuccoed exterior. A quick series of raps on the door, a few seconds of

When You Gotta Ship It

So... you're clearing out your shop of your beloved submarine model, having sold it to some unsuspecting.. ahem, fortunate individual. Now... how the heck are you going to get it to them in one piece? For those who hate reading, check out the video with this information on my YouTube Channel. Here are a few simple rules to help you get the model from where it's at to where it needs to be safely: Rule #1: Thou Shalt Not Ship It In the First Place It's a sad fact of life that if you ship something big and relatively fragile, it will be damaged. Sub models are no exception. I've spent hours packing a model safely only to have the new owner report back that there was damage. At the end of the da

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