Hopefully There Will Be No Second Date...

We had a date with a hurricane called Irma yesterday. I really don't think things are going to work out between us. She's grumpy, loud, angry, and a bit on the large side for my tastes. Fortunately, the night ended on rather bad terms and she's left to find another partner. Good riddance. This morning I find myself sitting in the dark holding a flashlight and dictating the story to my phone in the hopes of ensuring that everybody knows we are safe. Having ridden through a category 4 hurricane now, I can safely say that I would never do it willingly again. Winds got up over the 150 mile per hour mark, shredding our pool cage, shaking our home, and certainly putting the fear of God into all of

Hunkering Down to Face Irma's Wrath

As many of you are aware, we're facing one of the largest hurricane's in Atlantic history today. My family and I live in Naples, FL, which is pretty close to where the hurricane's path lies. We had booked the only flights out that we could get about a week ago, supposed to leave yesterday before the winds picked up, but it ended up cancelled yesterday at the last minute. That left us here in Naples to face the storm. As of the time of this writing (about 7:30am on Sunday morning), we're as prepared as we're going to get. Our home is newer, built to the latest hurricane building standards. We've stocked up on food and water, our outside possessions now share our living room with us, and our l

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