How to be Captain Nemo in Five Easy Steps...

Okay, maybe not five. Maybe not twenty-five. It could be closer to a hundred and five, but the big thing is that the steps are easy and now they're laid out in excruciating detail in a five-part video build blog that I just put together that documents the buildup of our beautiful 1:77th scale Disney Nautilus. The Nautilus is not the easiest kit to convert, but it is one of the most iconic submarines in all of history (and my all-time favorite submarine, bar none!). So many people want a functional model of this sub, but there were no instructions or how-to resources available. Fans had to muddle through on their own, which was too much of a risk for many to be able to stomach. Hopefully that

1:77 Disney Nautilus Buildup - Step by Step Instructions For The Beginner!

Building R/C submarines is not a hobby for those with little experience in remotely controlled vehicles, electronics and fabrication. It is a challenge even for seasoned veterans at times. There is no bible or how-to manual out there to make building an R/C submarine a fast and easy process. Well, in hopes of going at least a little ways toward helping people get their dream sub in the water, I've taken the time to document my latest buildup of one of our beautiful 1:77 scale Disney Nautilus models from start to finish. This will be a series of long videos that go into every detail of construction, starting with basic assembly, setting up hull splits and hold down hardware, running gear, pai

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