Hopefully There Will Be No Second Date...

We had a date with a hurricane called Irma yesterday. 

I really don't think things are going to work out between us. She's grumpy, loud, angry, and a bit on the large side for my tastes. Fortunately, the night ended on rather bad terms and she's left to find another partner. 

Good riddance.

This morning I find myself sitting in the dark holding a flashlight and dictating the story to my phone in the hopes of ensuring that everybody knows we are safe. Having ridden through a category 4 hurricane now, I can safely say that I would never do it willingly again. Winds got up over the 150 mile per hour mark, shredding our pool cage, shaking our home, and certainly putting the fear of God into all of us. 

Just when you are sure that the entire house is going to collapse around you, the eye of the storm hits and an eerie calm descends over everything. I went out briefly to try and tie down a flapping screen door, and the air was filled with the strong scent of the ocean. 

Irma lost much of her fury during that hour that the eye passed us, and when the winds resumed they were a much more tame 60 to 70 mile per hour. 

The feared storm surge never materialized in my area, and the night passed uneventfully without us getting our feet wet. I managed to get our generator hooked up and we spent the night in relative comfort with a fan running to keep the heat at bay enough for us to get some decent sleep. I actually feel pretty good this morning.

Today will likely be spent assessing damage and clearing out our home of everything that we brought in from outside. We will have to see if they will allow travel on the roads so that we can check our relative's homes and our business office. I'll also have to check on my storage bay where I had a lot of my submarine business inventory.

I want to think everybody for your concern. Rest assured that we weathered the storm well and we are in good spirits, all things considered. We will likely be without power for a minimum of a few days but much more likely over a week as they try to repair infrastructure down here. 

For now, we will rig for surface running, making repairs and getting the good ship Martin Household back in fighting trim. Hopefully, within a week's time we will see everything back to a semblance of normalcy. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Bob, Renee, and Logan 

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