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New Site Features, Products and More!

If haven't been to my website in a few days (what's WRONG with you!?), you'll find some big changes when you come back!

Let's take a look at a few of the changes:

A New Navigation Menu

Having to open up the sub-menus from the top of the page seemed like a lot of work when you're looking at multiple products or ones in different categories. I moved the menu to the left hand side for faster, easier navigation

Featured Products

I'll try to put new products, or ones that are on sale or just plain awesome in this area so you don't miss anything!

New Customer Login Section I'm pretty excited about this! This functionality will allow you to create an account on my site where you can save your shipping and payment information, review past orders and more!


These are my DIVE TRIBE, my supporters and my sponsors. To honor them, I've created something that I've branded


These guys not only run in submarine circles, but they're serious enough that they've invested in additional resources to help them in the hobby, resources available only to DIVE TRIBE - ELITE members.

So, just what is it that they get?

More benefits will be added over time, but these guys are assured of many things, beginning with:

1.) Exclusive discount coupons on select Nautilus Drydocks merchandise

2.) First access to new products

3.) Priority placement in production and shipping queues

4.) DIVE TRIBE - ELITE t-shirt apparel (coming soon!)

5.) Much more to come

Membership does have a cost, and as an introduction, I've priced it at $49.99. If you like what you get, you can renew each year. Of course, taking advantage of even one discount could, conceivably, pay for the membership fee and more, but the real benefit is in knowing that you're supporting a small business owner that is 100% dedicated to this awesome hobby.

So... what do you think? Is it worth taking the plunge? Are you ready to support a struggling small business owner and get great rewards for doing so? Click here... and welcome to the DIVE TRIBE - ELITE.

PowerVision Marine and Aerial Drones!

I'm happy to announce that I'm now an authorized distributor for PowerVision and their excellent line of ROV's and drones. The product line includes tethered ROVs for underwater operation in fresh or salt water, with full video and VR capabilities, wireless marine drones for surface or underwater exploration, and flying drones for capturing awesome footage of your submarine in action at the pond. Check out the new line of products here!

So... now that you've checked out the site, what do you think? What's missing? How can I make it better? I'd love to hear from you. Please email me at any time and let me know how I'm doing, or if you have any suggestions on how to make the site or product lines better.

Bob Martin

The RCSubGuy