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1/50th scale British Upholder complete!

I'm very happy to say that the Upholder has undergone her maiden voyage and it went flawlessly!

Well, almost flawlessly... ;) The boat handled perfectly, and aside from some very significant sail induced rolling (its a thing... look it up!) it was a dream to operate.

The only hiccup of the day came when I just had to push things one step too far and really open up the model to see how fast I could get it. I dove to periscope depth and gave it full throttle with forward trim fully engaged. Like a torpedo, she struck out, leaving behind a sizeable wake. That is, until I blew out the 7.5A fuse that I'd installed and she slowed to a gentle stop and came back to the surface.

Fortunately the day was windy and the model found itself blown to shore only a few short minutes later, but I can tell you with utmost surety, there is no worse feeling for an RC submariner to lose your boat under the water and then find her dead in the water (unless she doesn't come up at all, in which case, you're really feeling aweful).

Two minutes on the bench saw the boat with a shiny new 10A fuse in place to replace the burned one and she was ready for the wet again.

The model will be boxed up this weekend and get shipped to her owner. I'm looking forward to hearing how she does in her home berth.

Pics and video are available on the Build Gallery Page. Enjoy!

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