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How to be Captain Nemo in Five Easy Steps...

Okay, maybe not five. Maybe not twenty-five. It could be closer to a hundred and five, but the big thing is that the steps are easy and now they're laid out in excruciating detail in a five-part video build blog that I just put together that documents the buildup of our beautiful 1:77th scale Disney Nautilus.

The Nautilus is not the easiest kit to convert, but it is one of the most iconic submarines in all of history (and my all-time favorite submarine, bar none!). So many people want a functional model of this sub, but there were no instructions or how-to resources available. Fans had to muddle through on their own, which was too much of a risk for many to be able to stomach.

Hopefully that has all changed now!

The buildup is broken down into five chapters, each one covering a different aspect of the build, beginning with part preparation, adhesive selection and hull R/C prep. It then progresses into fabrication of functional linkages, including my famous tilting propeller assembly. Once past that, you'll get the inside scoop into my top-secret painting technique for that real rust look (Spoiler Alert!: I use real rust!). It all finishes up with a tutorial on trimming out your boat and then some great shots of the boat undergoing her maiden voyage on and under the water of my swimming pool.

Check out the series by clicking on the links below, or by visiting the Gallery Page of my site, or my YouTube channel online.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

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