Get your feet wet, without breaking the bank!

From time to time I am approached by someone with a project that they just don't have the time or experience to complete. Some of the time I will buy these projects to put on the shelf at home in the hopes of being able to finish them up myself in the future and other times I will help the owner in getting it sold to another hobbyist.

In the case of this beautiful, early-generation Gato boat, I just plain ran out of room in my shop to store a new project, let alone one that measures over six feet long. With that being the case, I'm happy to help him out in finding a new home for this boat.

This sub is being offered in started and uncompleted condition, with much of the cosmetic assembly and painting completed already. It includes a pair of piston tanks and the drive motors, the value of which nearly equal the asking price of $750 without factoring in the cost of the hull or the massive time that he's put into the boat already.

Engel boats are manufactured to be what is called a "dry hull" boat, where much of the interior is sealed and with the expensive bits housed within. This offers excellent access to the interior, but means the model is typically heavier in order to offset the buoyancy of the large internal volume. The new owner could use the existing dry hull configuration very easily, or with a bit of work, convert it to accept the more modern use of a sealed watertight cylinder.

Here is some of the information about the boat, presented in the seller's own words:

"Just came across your Web site...great. I have sent along some pix of mu ENGEL 1/50 sub that I started over 18 yrs ago. It has its pumps plus motors. The electronics most likely must be upgraded...Since I am now 70 I would like to trade it or sell it. Selling on EBAY is out since it's so heavy and delicate.

I will take some detail pix of the hull, glassed in bulkheads and watertight electrical compartment. Shafts are true and sealed. Both diving plans are complete with knuckles. Both motors turn freely. It does need to be detailed and updated.

I have Blueprints for construction, but they are in GERMAN. By the way I carried this kit all the way from Germany on board USS ATLANTA..Which has been decom.

It's 78 in long and a beam of 6.7 in."

If you're interested, just let me know by sending me an email to, or you can purchase it directly from my website by clicking here. I do have a couple of used watertight cylinders that might work great with this project and would be happy to quote anyone interested in going that route.

If you're thinking about "getting your feet wet" in the RC sub hobby, or if you already have wet feet and just want another boat, this is a great opportunity.

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